Anti-CounterFeiting / Anti- Piracy

Innovations in technology have made infringers better at evading detection and prosecution, requiring brand owners to take more novel approaches to intellectual property enforcement. Counterfeit and piracy is to sell or market a non-genuine product as a genuine. Generally, such products are sold under the name of a famous manufacturer and an unwary consumer is misled to believe that the product originates from the same manufacturer. The various statutes governing Intellectual Property Rights recognize such activity as an offence and provide for stringent punishments. Counterfeiting causes huge losses to the State, manufacturer and the consumer, but most importantly the biggest loss is that the companies/manufacturer risk losing their credibility in the eyes of the consumer. It is important for the right holders to enforce their rights, and more so in the interest of protecting the unwary and unsuspecting consumer who would be the eventual victim. Services provided are as follows:

  • Management of local, regional or global enforcement programs.
  • Pre-litigation services.
  • Standing market watch.
  • Advising on and implementing anti-counterfeiting and anti-piracy programs.
  • Advising on parallel imports and grey market goods.
  • Obtaining and enforcing interim injunctions, search and seizure orders, freezing orders; summary judgment and pre-action disclosure
  • Advising on and conducting civil proceedings and criminal prosecutions.
  • Notice and take downs for online infringement and taking action in respect of file sharing across multiple jurisdictions.
  • Design and implement comprehensive anti-piracy strategies and programs to address digital and hard goods piracy in online and physical environments.
  • Secure and support border enforcement actions.
  • Provide international enforcement advice.