Patents are the exclusive monopoly rights granted to the individual or company credited to be the creator of an invention, to protect its ownership and therefore value, in their best interest. It’s an efficient tool that ensures legal protection to the inventor/applicant, from any theft, imitations and/or duplications, claiming to be ‘originals’, etc. Due recognition of ownership is ensured, commercial losses avoided, and corporate image protected.
Services provided by us are as follows :

  • Prior art searches to ascertain novelty and patentability.
  • Patent Illustration.
  • Drafting and filing patent applications in India and abroad.
  • Patent prosecution at National and International level.
  • File wrapper review.
  • Report on Publication.
  • Pre-grant and post-grant oppositions.
  • Annuity payments and commercial working statements.
  • Freedom to Operate (FTO) searches to determine the commercial exploitation of patents.
  • Infringement analysis.
  • Litigation.
  • Drafting of transactional instruments (License, Assignment, etc.).
  • Continuous monitoring of competitors, their patents and IP activities.
  • Patent portfolio management services.
  • Advisory.
  • Patent Landscaping and Mapping.