Amongst others, translation services is an integral part of SiebenIP, offering expert translators with experience and knowledge of Intellectual Property Rights to translate all documents relating to IPR laws. Unexpected delays, legal fees, and opportunity loss are all probable outcomes when mistakes occur with legal translation. Incorrectly translated documents and evidence are not acceptable in any court. In extreme cases, a dispute regarding legal translation has the potential to dismiss a particular point and water down an important argument. Appropriate legal translations will waive off any risk involved so as not to backfire. With globalization in every sphere of life, it is essential to use services of trustworthy translator. We provide translations and interpretations for all main languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese. Services provided are as follows:

  • Translations of contractual documents
  • Translations of Legal Documents.
  • Translations of patent specification and other related IPR documents.
  • Creation of IP Portfolio and translation.
  • Creation of IP Valuation and translation.